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Tiger's Lair Temple

Saheli Bera
This is a destination that attracts huge foreign arrivals every year to this country. Tiger Nest Monastery is perched on a steep mountain cliff, where Guru Rinpoche is said to have meditated. This place has been declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO. For professional or regular hikers this may feel like a moderate hiking. But for common tourists like me, it is an extremely difficult, six hours, non-stop hiking trail and is not possible to go for, if you don't adhere to minimum fitness level. Though it is claimed by local guides that it takes around six hours to finish this hike, but for laymen it wouldn't take less than seven hours. In my next blog, I would share my experience, how I finished this hike with mental determination. Yes, you heard it right. Like any other hike, your inner strength and determination would take you to the highest point, the sacred monastery. I would also come up with the Do's and Dont's on Paro Takstang's hike.
Hameed Fazal
My final stop was the one structure that is synonymous with Bhutan, The Tiger's Nest or Taktsang Monastery. Located at 12000 feet, a climb which takes you on a spiritual trail with amazing views and a sense of greatness. What kept me going despite an injured knee was the fact that the monastery was a training spot for Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins. My journey was complete with strong winds and a slight drizzle of snow, to give me a perspective of life like never before. A must visit. The first proper view of the monastery from the opposite edge of the cliff equals the first glimpse I had of Petra in Jordan. I still wonder why this is not considered a wonder.
Day 10 After an early breakfast, we drove to the base of the mountain where we began our hike to Tiger’s Nest Monastery. The monastery is the most iconic site in Bhutan, impressively perched near the top of the mountain, the site where Guru Rimpoche arrived atop a flying tigress in 743 C.E. and meditated in a cave for 3 months. Ever since the site has been sacred and the monastery a site all Bhutanese endeavor to visit. We joined many Bhutanese on the trail as they make their pilgrimages to this sacred and lovely site.