Tiger's Nest 1/undefined by Tripoto

Tiger's Nest

Shruthi Herle
Starting the TrekThe “Base Camp” has vendors renting out trekking poles for 50bucks. I don’t know if I could have completed the trek without this pole. It was like an extra limb, taking off the stress from my knees - it is a lifesaver! I saw people getting onto ponies (or Jackass?) to take them from the base point – though this would not be for the entire journey. The difficult parts would still need to be covered on foot.
Rhythm Agarwal
Picture 8: No words would do justice to this masterpiece!
Rhythm Agarwal
Picture 7: Behind this picture goes a long (really long) tiresome journey with lots of stomach crams, pit stops and tears (literally) but it was all worth it at Tiger’s Nest.
Mayuri Banaji
Chaitali Chatterjee