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Tiger's Nest

K. Dave
Visiting Tiger's Nest Monastery and spend an evening in Paro, roaming around.Hotel room (500) + Food (800) = 1200This was our Big Day in Bhutan. Yes, we were about to visit the iconic Tiger's Nest in Paro which is known as Paro Taktsang. We woke up to find that we could see a small ice-clad hill from our room window. Indicating that we will are in for a surprising day. This view + Bathtub... Total bang for the buck. This is Hotel Paro
The energy can neither be created nor be destroyed. You lose energy while doing a hike but you gain more of that when you reach the destination. The same got proved in a trek to Tiger's Nest in Paro.
Trying to read a language, i have never read before. Trying to walk on a way, i have never walked before. To keep life afresh and interesting, it is must to do something you have never done before.
Swati Jain
Taktsang Monastery or Tiger Nest as it is known famously probably was the only reason why I wanted to travel to Bhutan. For me this was the thing, which prompted me to visit Bhutan and what an eventful day it was.
Sudarshan Raj
paro local sight seeing.has much to offer but we ere running out of time so had to settle for less.go for shopping buy stuffs you like to keep as memories.Tell your guide/driver he will arrange for hot stone bath .you all will surely enjoy it after a tiresome day.but look for the cost at some places they charge too high .Do like the article and message me if you have a plan to travel i will surely reply as soon as possible