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Tigers Nest

Suraj Pisharody
The next morning, we began our hike towards Paro Taktsang, also known as the Tiger’s Nest. It took us around 3 hours to reach to the top and approximately 90 minutes to reach the approximate mid-point of the hike, which houses a cafeteria. Although the place is expensive (obviously as it is located such a height), it serves as a good place to rest along the way. It is better to eat a buffet lunch here (Rice, Scrambled egg, Mashed Potatoes and liquid dal)) on your way down. Our trekking experience was amazing as we met a bunch of interesting people along our way. The view from the viewing point was nothing short of spectacular. All we could see were green mountains around us. The sort of greenery I never witnessed in my life. It truly was an amazing experience. Once we returned, we took Hot Stone Baths, which is quite famous in the region. The locals believe that the river-bed stones have essential minerals. So, they heat the stones and put it in a wooden bath tubs filled with cold water. Chilling in the water for about an hour takes all the exhaustion away is what the locals believe. And we had the same experience.
Smriti Singh
Day 6: It was the day for trekking at Tiger's nest. I would highly recommend to eat well before you start. Also carry some food because it takes the whole day for trekking and there is only one canteen on the way which is over expensive.
Day 6 – Tiger’s Nest Hike and Hot Stone Water BathA hike up the Tiger’s Nest is a 100% must, and, the climb up to the viewpoint will take around 1 1⁄2 hours and from there you will enjoy a spectacular view of the monastery clinging to the side of the cliff. Stop for refreshment at the View Point Cafeteria. Then walk further up to the monastery which will take about 30 – 45 minutes. Ideally, you should be done in a matter of 5 – 6 hours, including spending around one hour at the monastery itself.
The last day, we were on a trek to Tiger's Nest. At an altitude, when it's very cold, the trek was a bit difficult.We managed to do it in 4 hours to reach the monastery on the top. We came back by 6 by successfully completing our last activity of the trip. We started our travel back to Phuentsholing. We reached in the morning. So, this is how, our trip ended with a bang. Bhutan is a boring place. Not a place for solo travellers. I am a solo traveller most of the time. But I prefer going to Bhutan with someone.
Shanmuga Priya
It was the last day of our trip and an epic finishing touch. The trek to tiger's nest, after trekking for 4 hours through the rough path we reached the tiger's nest, a place where Guru Rinpoche is believed to have meditated after taming a wild spirit. The place is well maintained and had a great positive vibe. We bought few flags to be tied on the way and our guide insisted that we pray for world peace and always think about the world at large as one family.