Rolla Campus

anshul akhoury
Gushaini to Rolla Village Trek This is one of the shortest treks in GNHP that requires only one night stay in the camps. For someone who is traveling for a long weekend and is looking for an adventurous day, then this trek is the best way to unwind. Gushaini – Rolla Trek goes through a number of beautiful location, river and waterbodies. Two lovely villages, Ropa and Kauncha also arrive on the way. If you have more days in your hand then you can spend a day each in these villages enjoying the hospitality of the locals.Once you arrive Rolla, there are number of other trails that you can follow. There is a birdwatching point 4 kilometers ahead of the village, while another trail leads to a hidden waterfall.Rolla Village Hidden Waterfall Trail This tiny waterfall is a paradise for those who just want to chill and spend some time in the lap of the nature. I took this trail during my earlier visits to Tirthan Valley. There was nothing but birds and butterflies.