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Tirthan Valley

Yashi Srivastava
A Halt at Tirthan Valley Before Heading Back Home.Next morning, we arrived in Tirthan Valley to spend some time near the Tirthan River. Have you read my Tirthan travelogue on Tripoto? You can find it here.After spending two hours near the river, we headed towards Aut, from where we had to catch our bus to Delhi. The bus arrived at 7 PM and finally, we headed home with a lot of sweet and sour but extraordinary memories.
Arpita Agnihotri
If you think Himachal is all about Manali, Shimla and all other mainstream places then it’s quite possible that you haven’t visited Tirthan Valley. Not only is it full of plantation, wildlife, forests, lakes, waterfalls the valley also has Tirthan River flowing through it. The valley is a haven for seekers, solo travelers, writers and anyone who wants to do something creative. Even if you are a adventure seeker there are plethora of activities you can do here. From trekking to river crossing there’s something for every age group here.
The Wolf Girl
When we reached Trishla Resort (at 1:30pm), my eyes couldn't believe, my mind couldn't settle. My eyes were stuffed with wonderment and that very moment I came to knew that I've come to my happy place.Trishla Resort is not just an ordinary resort. It is built exactly near the Beas river. So close that a part of the river is also a part of the resort. Aman (I'll further address him as Aman Bhayyia), is the owner of the resort. The resort has very limited rooms - 12 to be precise, but I believe that there is nothing like it in Tirthan Valley. Red painted huts, noisy brook, lush greenery had painted the most beautiful picture.We were quite tired, so we rested for an hour. Since we selected the most isolated room, we were gifted with an amazing portico having a river-side view. Four of us were staying together (to quadruple the fun).Next, we had lunch and do believe me when I say this, Aman Bhayyia has the best cooks! Simple lunch - dal, roti, rice, sabzi, raita and a nice plate of salad. We got ready and then headed for the first trek of this journey at around 4:30pm.
The Blue Sheep, Tirthan was our abode for this trip, and what a trip it was! For self-promoting reasons, I implore you to check out their Instagram in the link above or here: https://www.instagram.com/thebluesheeptirthan/  Why self-promoting? In the first picture on The Blue sheep Instagram feed at the time of writing, yours truly and a friend grace the top of a rock overlooking a magnificent view of the Himalayas. It's "candid"! ???? Upon arrival with jovial pleasantries exchanged, the sight of freshly plucked persimmons arranged neatly on a table for ripening in the sunlight greeted us. The Blue Sheep has great self-farmed produce, including a greenhouse situated just below the home. Apropos, I got a dried chestnut that I have added to my collection of souvenirs at home. In short order, we had settled in and were ready to breathe in more of the pristine mountain air. The activity for the day was decided: we would drive up the road to Bahu, a little beyond Jibhi, and descend on foot.