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Peter Island Resort and Spa

Andrew Buys
Day Five Today, the yachts split up and headed in different directions, meeting later that day at Sprat Harbor, Peter Island, at about 1PM. Miracle went directly to Peter Island Resort for the ladies to relax by The beauty of BVI yacht charters when two vessels travel in tandem gives guests many more options, and here is a perfect example. The ladies wanted to do their thing and the men wanted to go to Deadman's Bay. Well, this is easy to do with a tandem yacht charter. The tandem charter is also perfect for the corporate yacht charter for corporate events. Insatiable had everyone on board who wanted to go see the famous Baths. They arrived at The Baths at 10AM and immediately set anchor. Nick and Cassandra (crew on board Insatiable) took the guests into Devil’s Bay, where the dinghy was attached to a mooring buoy. Everyone put on fins and masks, then all swam ashore, snorkeling as they went. Jim picked up 2 sand dollars 16 feet below, and then beached his body, taking off the fins and masks. Cassandra remained on the beach looking after the fins and masks while Nick took the group on a tour of the Baths. They all walked up a path to a restaurant to look at the views. Then everyone walked back through the dense undergrowth and back through the Baths to Devil’s Bay, where Cassandra was waiting. All (5 of the guests and 2 guides) snorkeled back to the 22-foot tender and dragged themselves into the tender. Jim picked up 2 more sand dollars, then boarded the tender. All of them cruised back to Insatiable, then they headed for Sprat Bay, Peter Island. We went to Deadman’s Bay, where everyone had lunch…wow. A special table was set up just for us on the band’s cabana stage (where the steel band plays). This cabana is on the beach between rows of coconut palms, with the turquoise water as a backdrop. The food and service was superb. The ladies and gents were all whisked away on a tour of the island. Many more pictures were taken. We get back for happy hour a