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The Sweet Palace

I’m often reminded of this when I was traveling through Montana and one of my best friends told me I should go out of my way to stop by the tiny town of Philipsburg to visit the candy shop. “A candy shop,” I said! “Why would I go out of my way to visit a tiny town just to go to a candy shop,” I exclaimed. “Trust me, it will be worth it” he said. Sweet Palace was started in the late 90s by a woman with a vision, and, the passion, desire and tenacity to see it through. This passionate person was not just starting a candy shop, she was building a destination. While people might go to Philipsburg, MT for the “candy shop,” they’re now greeted by quality lodging, restaurants and other shops. While it took many to re-invent this old community, you can probably credit a single person for putting it on the map.