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Tartini Square

Pallavi Das
Marvel around Tartini SquareNamed after the famous musician of Piran, Giuseppe Tartini, the main square of the town is a confluence of activities. What was once a harbor for fishing boats, today is a huge square with an oval-shaped platform made out of white marble, wherein stands a bronze statue of Tartini, making it evident how revered he is amongst the people of Piran. A neo-renaissance style Town Hall building is a remarkable structure at the square, and also houses the Tourist Information Centre. At one corner of the square is an unmissable charming building, with ornate stonework, that exemplifies Venetian Gothic architecture in Piran. With local shops, cozy restaurants, and cafes with outdoor seatings, the square is a perfect place in the town to relax, sit back, and soak in the vibe of this town. There are public benches too. During summers it also serves as a stage for various performances. The square is completely pedestrian-friendly as vehicles are not allowed in, which makes walking around much easier.