Mana Village

After visiting Lord Badrinath, he walked on foot on the feet. The car was asking for 600 rupees and I did not want to spend so much money for only three kilometers! There were some other people like me who had to go back to Maaaaaa to go to Vasudhara Fall before the monsoon, so their move was slow and some more comparatively comparable to me! On the way, a center of ITBP where the wind turbine was engaged, asked the sentry, then he said that now it does not work or otherwise had the intention to see his methodology!If you are in Ghaziabad or Mohan Nagar or you go towards Meerut then you will find many places on the Milestone, 480 km or something like that! I.e. Money, does it mean more than Badrinath? But not the National Highway 58 goes to the clay so the beads are written! About 3 km away from Mana or Mann Badrinath temple, Chamoli district and India is the last village in this direction, so it is so famous! It is considered beyond this and India-Tibet border is 25 kilometers ahead of this village! The height of the ocean floor is 3200 meters! Here I was going to see two more places! They had to move forward, seeing the Vyas cave, Ganesh cave and Bhima bridge or Bhima rock!Vyas Cave: It is believed that in the Vyas cave, Maharishi Vedavas ji had composed Vedas, Puranas and Mahabharata. And Lord Ganesha became his author! The cave of Lord Ganesha, Ganesh Cave comes before the Vyas Cave! It is believed that Vyas ji lived in this cave. At present, the temple of Vyas ji remains in this cave. In the Vyas cave, Vyas ji is the statue of his son Shukdev ji and Vallabhacharya. Along with them Lord Vishnu also has an ancient statue.The reason that Vyas ji made this place his place of residence is believed to be the residence of Lord Vishnu on one side of this place, Badrinath Dham. On the other hand, the goddess of knowledge is the source of Saraswati river in river form. Near the Vyas cave, the meeting of Lord Vishnu is coming from Sangamam Saraswati of Alaknanda.There is also a belief that from the Vyas cave itself is the path of Paradise Lok way, Pandav was going to Heaven on this route, but due to the cold, all the Pandava and Draupadi was melted, only Yudhisthira could catch the cold due to pride and truth. And the boss could reach heaven.The cave of Vyas ji's cave or Ganesh ji attracts visitors, attracts tourists, but tourists probably do not want to see the people there! Maybe I'm wrong. A very old person was selling hot cap mufflers outside the Vyas cave, but hardly anyone bought something in that hour! What do I buy too? Bola - Babu will take some tea and drink it! These things give heart sickness but give them 100 rupees to please your heart! Here is a shop on which is "India's last tea shop"! But there is also another shop which is near Bhima Shila, there is also the same "Hindustan's last tea shop"! Who will say the last? However, the eagerness to attract more crowds of people and photos was more on the shop near this diameter cave! The stairs descend from below the Vyas cave, which take you directly to the confluence site of Alaknanda and Saraswati! Saraswati appears to be barely flowing around 100 meters and then gets absorbed in the Alaknanda. But from where the Saraswati leaves, the scene of the wonderful, stream flow is very fast!Bhimshila: Bhimshila is like a bridge on Saraswati river! It is said that when Pandav was going on his last journey from this path to heaven, Draupadi could not cross this path and when Saraswati went through the river, it reached the water, which is not auspicious! In such a situation Mahabali Bhim got a stone from the nearby and added two edges and it became a bridge! However, in reality, it is a very big stone !!