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Pratibha Periwal
Day 2 we stepped out to explore Albufeira. Albufeira is the largest, liveliest and most sought after resort towns that line southern Portugal’s beautiful Algarve coastline. Albufeira provides stunning beaches, a glorious climate, and a vast selection of restaurants, boutique shopping and a buzzing nightlife. Once a small peaceful fishing village is now transformed into the Algarve’s most popular holiday destination. Albufeira town is beautiful along the pristine coastline. The town is bustling with over flowing tourist, each eager to capture the scene in their cameras, trying to gorge on Tapas platter and indulge in some local affordable shopping. Half a day is more than enough to explore Albufeira town and few local sightseeing points. We headed back to resort to enjoy the private beach.
Pratibha Periwal
We booked in a luxurious resort “Sao Rafael Atlantico “ in Albufeira in Algarve. Day 1 e just explored the beautiful property which had massive lush green gardens and a stunning beach front overlooking those gardens . It was a picture perfect location and the view we enjoyed the time at beach followed by delicious food at beach front.
Ishaan Srivastava
After reaching the Albufeira central bus station, we walked till our destination , Praia dos Pescadores. A white town by the beach full of chiller vibes. We reached the beach in about 20 mins and dived straight into the sea. The weather on that day was not clear and had a dense cloud cover.Enjoying the White Praia dos Pescadores
We also called in to visit Albufeira for a couple of hours; this was everything we had always believed of the Algarve, busy, crowded and full of family fun. The one thing we did notice and appreciated was that there was a moving walkway to the beach, so very good for those with mobility difficulties, however this was not really our cup of tea, and once you had seen one souvenir shop you had seen them all (we lost count of how many there were just in our short stroll).