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Khushboo Bansal
Portugal is one of the offbeat Beach destinations which has some exotic beaches on earth. Unlike the crowded beaches of the other European places like Ibiza, Croatia and more, it is one of the hidden gems unexplored by many. Which means, there might be a chance of you having the beach all by yourself !!! Yes, you got it right.As an Indian it was exciting just to be in Portugal, where Vasco Da Gama belongs as he discovered the Sea Route to India.I chose Portugal as my next destination because of the Mediterranean climate and also because it’s not too touristy. It is best to explore a place without the hustle bustle of the tourists flocking in huge numbers during the summers.We took an early morning flight to Faro from Amsterdam. On our three hour flight we managed to catch up on some sleep for most of the journey. After reaching we moved to Lagos in the western Algarve by taxi, the journey taking 55 Minutes(Not a cheap option though, but given a choice to choose either time or money, we didn’t want to loose out on time). We looked into the possibility of using the train/bus but departures are infrequent and we would have wasted most of the day getting to our resort.
Lopamudra Mohapatra
Travel: Buses are the only option to travel from Seville to Lagos, which offer student discounts. Lagos has some of the most amazingly beautiful beaches and offers a wide array of water-sports- that got us all enticed that we extended our stay to experience them all! The local folks are extremely amiable and particularly helpful who don’t mind going the extra mile to assist tourists.
Manasi Joshi
This one’s no secret. A HOLIDAY DESTINATION for the Spanish, the Portuguese and somehow typically, also the British. Try to avoid going there in summers to appreciate the true beauty the Lagos BEACHES have to offer. A walk from the town along the coast till Ponte de Piedade will give you some breathtaking views.