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Tuk Tuk Ola !!Sintra - Lisbon - Portugal - Europe !March 2019 !Well in the continuation of last story I reached the Airport Via Shuttle bus from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1 .Here the journey starred .I could see this was not that big airport but where would I get tourist desk is my next step .Somehow I could see the ATM in between and because I am not in habit of keeping much cash , took money for 3 days from Forex Card .In front of ATM was desk with Caption , Can I help you ?I thought I get tourist information here but then I was asking and she was smiling and speaking in alien language to me . I got that ! She is speaking in Portuguese while she is able to understand English .Somehow I was in no mood to open Google Translator , hence I asked for Tourist Information desk which she understood and said outside this place .I reached to information desk and asked for Porto , Sintra and Lisbon and shared my schedule of availability in Portugal . I have experience that in these western Countries or probably away from asian Countries people expect to the point questions and reply similarly but in India you can ask anything under the blue sky .I understood that I need to know Connectivity , day tours , metro , train availability and where to take accommodation . Somehow this travel desk lady briefed me about details and I reached to City center . I took the 2 days Lisbon Hop in Hop off bus pass and started the route .It was my learning that similar looking places should be covered separately , not in one trip . While coming back from the God's of Architecture - Barcelona city , these Architecture excellence in lisbon was with faded experience . Somehow I was enjoying but not to the extend that I had expected . I didn't take hotel till now because anyways the check-in was at 3 PM and it was late morning now . I completed one line of city tour and somehow I wanted a different experience .I headed towards Sintra ....Took a train and moved to Sintra ...Reaching Sintra was different . People , Place , weather and demographic was looking different from Lisbon .I could step out from train as last passenger . Somehow questions were poped up , why there is no traveller here since it is a known destination .I step outside of train which was branded with so much lovely paint but could able to see only locals outside no tourists .I booked hotel in Sintra while sitting in train . I was not sure whether it is as comfortable like other places but I thought to check in at hotel first and it was 2 PM .I opened Google Maps and Shucks !!Hotel was some 13 KM away from Sintra Railway Station . I goofed up completely here . If I go to hotel and check-in that means I would loose my day and to and fro means 30 Euros for both sides . This was real stupidity but then I am too much compassionate with my mistakes in my travel journeys . Something must be good here as well . Now the next decision is whether I take a cab or I should take one hotel here .Somehow I heard a lady calling me and saying hello .She was speaking English which was a relaxed moment for me . She brought a card with her and told me that you can have private tour to Sintra sight seeing points with Tuk Tuk .I have been conned multiple times by people calling by way for private tours in different regions of the world but then they have no idea that I would still have audacity to opt for such tours because I am here to roam around with least time and maximum Visibility .She took me to the Tuk Tuk and said 80 Euros for the trip . I knew this was too much for some 2 hours trip but then she said there is a another visitors who can join you and you can pay less amount . It was a new location with some people suggested a little more crime rate than others ... it was a secluded region ... one Tuk Tuk driver and one girl sitting as visitor ..Somehow I couldn't feel things to be in good sense . There could be possiblity of a Gang who can dupe me else steal things from me . Back of mind I knew I need to keep them engage to understand things more precisely .One way of me checking intentions of others by trying to Hard Negotiate . If they slip with ease that means they are not genuine .I asked them I couldn't afford 80 Euros but I want to share it with other fellow passengers . This lady was too much pushy but with soft manner . Every time she came up with solution . She was a pure sales professional I could sense that . Somehow I could gaze that they might dupe me for money but that would definitely not going to harm me or kill me .Somehow they reduced the offer to 50 Euros for 2 hours and with addition to drop me to my hotel at beach which is again 30 Minutes with 13 km distance .This offer seems to be fair but than again 50 Euros for a bloody Tuk Tuk . I could have had that for 50 cents in Delhi .Watching me not saying any positive response , girl who posed as visitor moved out . Guess what she was not genuine visitor . She was here just to make sure other visitor can join .This private tour lady and her Tuk Tuk driver with no luck from me , looking to move now . Soon I see one person was bringing 4 girls to the same Tuk Tuk .I shouldn't say anything and please don't take me wrong but these girls were in their last teenager life and hell of prettiness . I have never said that in France , Never said that in London to some extend , Never said that in Spain but hell they were damn bubbly and pretty .You know women see your heart more than you actually do ..She asked me , now your fare can be further reduced . Give me 40 Euros with Hotel drop .My calculations at that moment were little skeptical but then she asked me again by looking in my eyes , Do you really wish to miss this company ...May be " Men will be Men - Imperial Blue add is falsely quoted but this time with hell of my inner self said loud , Hell No !I am going ....That made the lady cheerful and said Good Bye and enjoy your trip !Now we were 6 in Auto .. Driver was from Brazil Nationality and a cool person . He instructed us to tie our seat belts .So , seat belt in Auto .. well this is the reason why I am not paying 40 cents but 40 Euros .One girl was sitting next to me and 3 in front . The one who was next to me I didn't look at her . The other extreme left to me in front was in our own mysterious life . In my front two pretty girls . I could see the bubbliness in their eyes and smile with which I can die for .I am still a old school . I falls for "Smile and Hair" and if there is a combination and probably this is it .One who was exactly in front was bit shy and dressed in Dark Navy Blue . Swear by the God's of Black color in my life , my heart gives a strong signal to my mind that follow people with Black and Navy blue dress code . Extreme Fair body + Navy Blue attire is the best combination of a princess to look like a princess .I could see that they were Groupefing themselves within this Auto and I could just see and smile by the way they were having their crazy way of living this teenage eyes .By this time Tuk Tuk driver asked about us to which they replied three of them were French and one was Spanish . But they all were speaking in English with fluency was a rare sight .I was clicking from my mobile and I could hear that they were saying that this guy has got best camera phone with him .We dropped down at few points and by this time I was in good repo with Tuk Tukiya .This time I could see that these girls were now comfortable to talk .The boys with siblings as opposite gender equipped themselves with so much things in their life that at the end of day they can be anyone but not a creep .Thanks to my sister and the way she made me see things from her own eyes ( Knowingly or unknowingly ) that I made my mind in my early childhood that I would refrain acting , sounding and behaving like a creep to any women hood .The side effect of this case study is that you loose the apt way to approach a girl . But here I knew nothing could happen and I am not in that phrase of life where I would see anything except settling down .By the time I could see this girl in my front was smiling and I could strike a conversation now .. We reached their last point ... Sintra Palace .. One in this Picture attached .They had no idea that it was my private Tuk tuk ride . They thought I would too get down . This was moment of decision for me .. Either I get down and have a good company for today .. Either I complete my trip and then moved to my hotel and sunset time .It was 2-3 hour waking time with elevation within place and with my backpack it was absolutely Back kicking but reward could be a good beer in the evening with these astonishing mermaids .If I leave my bag here , I may not find it here and I would loose my other parts of destination and I would miss the beach side .Somehow the disadvantage were on higher side and it was one of my rare once in blue times that I hear my mind not my heart .Mind says move on ...They reliazed that I am not joining them and they were quite surprised specially I had good phone to click their pics in Potrait theme but then they said Bye Bye and wave their hand .It was interesting that we didn't speak a single world with each other . Sometimes you don't need to jump and catch the moon .. The brightness strikes your face is good enough .It was a small place , may be we would meet again but then now I was focussed to cover all places .Till this time this tuk Tuk driver has started behaving like a friend . He clicked me at many places and in this other pic where he was clicking my pic with my omnipresent collection pose , there were students at distance at 250 meters and some 50 in numbers .I could see that at one time all these kids stood up and were imitating my pose . They probably had no idea that I was clicked but this is how the fun element in this young lads .They all were posing exactly like me with cheering voice and probably that made my day .I took this Tuk Tuk driver to my hotel . He waited downstairs . My room was sea faced and with wow balcony .Somehow I wanted to sit next to the beach and drink beer . But now this guy wanted to move back since it's been a long time . It's already crossed 4 hours against deal of 2 hours .Probably we were not together as per deal now . I offered him to stay till the time we complete one round of local beer mug .Lady at desk couldn't understand anything but this Brazil guy knew Portuguese as well.We had good time till sunset and probably I could finish my all major points for today and check-in and didn't miss the sunset while having sip of beer .God , balance and restores the equilibrium by himself ..You Gotta Trust him 🙏Love him ❤️ to Love Yourself 💙 !
Aniruddh Goteti
Sintra is a town near Lisbon. My calling for peace of mind brought me here and it was worthy. The walk from Sintra railway station to my hostel was spectacular with the hills ,castles and street music. As soon as I entered my hostel I found this sign board.
Yashwant Vidhale
On the last day of our expedition, we went to Sintra early in the morning. Sintra is a one day tour from Lisbon. It will take 45 minutes to reach from the city center of Lisbon. The most ravishing place to visit in Sintra is the National Palace of Pena painted in red and yellow. The view of the palace is breath-taking if you are on the hill in-front of it. The palace is also famous for its gardens. The second most famous place in Sintra is Quinta da Regaleira. It will take you to the times of Queens and Kings with their structures showing romanticism and warfare, surrounded by gardens, caves, lakes and some enigmatic construction. Paco Iniciatico is one of the structure to look for which will remind you of Lazarus pit from Batman: Dark Knight Rises. There are other places like Moorish Castle, Azhenas do Mar which is a small village carved on a cliff, facing Atlantic ocean and Cape Roca which is the westernmost point of Europe and the Bear beach near Cape Roca.
Neha Bhise Sadalge
Take a day Trip to SintraA picturesque area and often termed as the fairy tale town of Portugal, Sintra is the most popular day trip from Lisbon. It has a variety of fascinating historic buildings and beautiful scenery all around. The most famous attraction here is the Pena palace. Built in the mid-1800’s, its brightly colored exteriors will outshine even the best palaces you have visited till date.
Margo Paige
1 | Lisbon + FARO + SevilleOne of my favorite cities in Europe, Lisbon, is bursting with culture, great food, incredibly charming streets -the list goes on and on- there’s so much to see and taste within the city you’ll be hard-pressed to pick your favorites. Not far away, the UNESCO town of Sintra is a beautiful and worthy day trip. Take a 3 hour train south to Faro, in the Algarve region world-renowned for it’s food and positively stunning seaside (ranked with some of the best beaches in the world). Carry on by bus to Seville for an immersion into a world of tapas, sangria and flamenco. Don’t miss Giralda Tower and Plaza de Espana.