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December - February
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Apple Museum

The museum comes as a breather as you know you are witnessing something which has been created in your very lifetime. The museum is a dedication to the memory of this great man and how he had built an entire company, Apple. He was evicted only to later get recalled to the company to give it a much needed boost to plunge into success.The first floor of the museum is dramatic as it delineates the entire timeline of the apple products and has in display the first machine that was co created by Jobs. The room has the special corner wherein lies displayed the jeans, tshirt, and shoes that Jobs used to wear, depicting his simple sartorial style.As you climb the staircase to the first floor you see a huge wall poster with all the great men and women from history on your left and a think different heading staring at you from above. As you move from one room to another you see the craftsmanship of Steve Jobs, the inception of computers and the transformation they saw each year to something new and different. You walk through the entire history of Mackintosh computers. The evolution of Apple takes you through laptops and eventually iPod and iPhone. You exit the museum awestruck and feel somewhere what the vision of this man for his company would have been had he stayed alive.