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Prague Astronomical Clock

Saheli Bera
Astronomical Clock Tower is one of the most compelling landmarks and it is the third oldest astronomical clock in use. Its age and authenticity are two prime reasons why people gather where this clock tower gracefully sits in old town. When it chimes the hour the window of the upper shows 12 apostles moving. Simultaneously the sculptures that adorn the tower are also set in motion. One of the moving figures that carry an hour glass represents death. Another moving figure with a mirror represents vanity. Other figures such as philosophers, astronomers, chroniclers appear to be motionless.
Devika Maheshwari
Another famous attraction of Prague, the astronomical clock was also situated at the square. Now no matter what anyone says- do not waste time into waiting for the clock to strike. Honestly, it's just like a cuckoo clock except a skeleton comes out to dance. We were lucky that we crossed it just two minutes before it struck and didn't have to wait long enough for the not-so-great miracle. Nonetheless, you should see it once as the 600-year-old clock still has an impeccable system of visualizing time and processing the almighty apostles.
Animesh Sood
A specific mention is needed for few iconic things i.e. Astronomical Clock, Charles Bridge & Prague Castle. The Astronomical clock has an astronomical dial with a zodiacal ring and 4 animated figures. The 4 figures are set in motion on the hour.
Khushboo Panjwani
Sumedha Bharpilania
Perhaps the most conspicuous structure of the Old Town, the Astronomical Clock of the Town Hall draws crowds at the end of every single hour for a performance that is best described as insipid. The excitement leading to the display, however, is noteworthy considering the hundreds of cameras and eyes that are tenaciously focused on the gigantic clock for a 45 second drama, which I must add, is replete with deep symbolism. There are four figures beside the clock that symbolize four major apprehensions of the times: There’s Vanity with a mirror. There’s Greed in the form of a Jewish moneylender with his bag of gold (this was modified after the Second World War). Then comes Death as a skeleton followed by a Turk representing Pagan Invasion. The four figures standing below are the Angel, Chronicler, Philosopher and Astronomer. On the hour, Death upturns his hourglass after ringing a bell, the 12 Apostles appear in the windows and some of the aforementioned sculptures then begin to move, signifying their refusal to go. Once the Apostles finish their journey, a cock crows and the hour is chimed. Getting there: In order to witness the spectacle, you could either walk right up to Staroměstské Náměstí or get off at the Staroměstska metro station and walk 350 metres. The clock chimes every hour between 9am to 9pm.