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Black Angel's Bar

Devika Maheshwari
Black Angel- Some might refer to it as one of Prague’s sightseeing points. Located in the U Prince hotel of Old Town Square, the bar is centrally placed and easy to find. This might seem like an advantage but is not as it is usually crowded. We got to know this once we had a personal talk with the bartender. He told us that Black Angel was the only bar that served personal recipes created by Alois Krcha, a man who devoted his life to revolutionize the art of bartending, which led to millions entering through its doors. And in order to give the millions their best and to trademark themselves as Prague’s best cocktail bar, the Black Angel had invested heavily in crafting its own unique glasses to give an overall different experience with each drink. An experience that I believe was elevated by the setting the bar is placed in. As you go down the stairs you enter a cave which is lit by multitude shelves that are filled with fine spirits. Vintage pieces like pocket watches, treasure chests, and fake gold coins are spread out. The waiters are dressed in 1930’s wardrobe and the room is refined with a touch of soft jazz music or a live piano performance. An ideal spot to for ladies to shine their pearls and for men to flash their gold ring at.