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Charles Bridge

Saheli Bera
Charles bridge is a historic, gothic bridge and one of the most beautiful bridges in entire Europe. This 516 meters long bridge stands on 15 pillars and connects the old town to Lesser town. In the glamorous era of king Charles IV this bridge was known as Royal route. This bridge spans over the Vitava river and rich in statues, decorative lamps and eye catching gothic bridge towers.
1. Charles Bridge - is the oldest bridge still standing over the Vltava river that connects Old Town to Prague Castle. It’s a masterpiece of medieval Gothic architecture with over 30 baroque style statues placed over it. The bridge turns into a romantic spot in the evenings with the buskers performing in the background and skies turning pink during the sunset.
The Chronicler
This historic bridge crosses the Vltava River and its construction started in the year 1327 and finally finished at the beginning of the 15 th century. At one point in history, this used to be the only way to cross the river between Prague Castle and Old town. There are 30 statues and statuaries in barque style these are replaced ones, the original had to be placed to protect the bridge. This bridge has a breath-taking view of the castle. All though you can imagine the popularity of this building attracts hoards of people and getting the perfect shot may be difficult but do visit this bridge to enjoy the sights and sounds of the city and to take in the beauty of the place.
Pragati & Manavi
You cannot miss the historic Charles Bridge, even if you want to 'coz it's so popular in Prague. While there are 4 parallel bridges of this sort, this one seems to be the most popular. The bridge is filled with tourists and street artists of all kinds and is a must do to soak in the city. If you have an end of the year wish that you want to ask for, you must go and rub the 8 th statue on your right! There is a queue in front of it so you won't miss it. I wished for something of course! (I am not telling you though :))