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Charles Bridge

Abha Singh
Charles bridge : Seen rockstar ? seen the song “Aur ho Aur saans ka shor “ ? you will see Charles bridge..
Devika Maheshwari
The last place to pin was the Charles Bridge. But looking at the army of voyagers we decided to take a cruise instead. As we smoothed soothingly we saw the sky play with different shades burnt orange, ochre and dusty pink. With the sky, the city changed too. While all the outdoor stalls got packed and the vendors moved inside, youngsters, tourists, and some locals bombarded the streets to enjoy the night. And as soon as our calm and serene cruise ride ended we did the same.
Animesh Sood
After making a short walk from the Astronomical clock, we reached the historic Charles Bridge that crosses the Vltava river in Prague. It connects the Prague Castle with the old town and was named after King Charles IV. The bridge contains replicas of the original 30 statues - most of whom depict various saints.
Built in 13th Century, this is oldest bridge across Vltava river, Apart from series of 30 Gothic statues on its 500 meter long span, the bridge gives splendid view of city and castle along with the river line.The bronze statue of St. John of Nepomuk on the bridge really stands out. Vendors selling cute trinkets and various artist performing here adds to the charm. The Gothic bridge towers built at either end completes its perfect look.
Swagatika Sarangi
Walk Charles bridge at nightYou might have already guessed that I am in love with Charles Bridge. I find it so magical how a place filled with musicians, artists and tourist was devoid of everything at night. If you’re about that “Me time” person, that's the place to be. I bought some water (Water feels SO good after drinking alcohol all night) and enjoyed in silence.I remember standing there thinking how happy I was at that point, the feeling of achieving something so meaningful to me, and promising that this is not the last time I’ll be in Prague.