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Hemingway Bar

Devika Maheshwari
Hemingway Bar- Possibly one of Prague’s hottest bars. They take up reservations just till 9 pm and getting in after that without a wait is next to impossible. This is due to the size of the bar. A two-story dimly lit bar, next to the river that can seat only about 20 or so. The bar has about three-four bartenders who specialize in mixology. You tell them what alcohol you want, fruity or not, strong or light and they engineer delectable drinks for you. Two of my friends didn’t have any preferences when it came to alcohol so they asked the bartenders to serve them their best. Later, one of them got was an exclusive absinthe drink while the others bubbled with the smell of champagne. That is when we got to know that Hemingway Bar has the richest collection of absinthe, rum and champagne in Prague.As for my drink, I think what they did with it was something I had never seen.I ordered a cocktail which arrived in a fancy cardboard box. After I opened the box a perfume bottle appeared that had my drink in it. Needless to say, the drink was amazing and exactly what I had wanted. That drink coupled with the classy aura of the place made me want to take back a souvenir. I asked the waiter if I could keep the fancy cardboard box that my drink arrived in. She told me she had to check and when she came back my box was signed and quoted by all the bartenders. An impeccable service like that should not go unmentioned.
Parampara Patil Hashmi
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