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Disha Kapkoti
Best hostel pick for Prague: Mosaic HouseLocation: Odborů 4, PragueYour hostel experience: The hostel stands at a central location in downtown Prague and is also the first carbon–neutral hostel in the Czech Republic. Guests have access to the kitchen at all times to prepare meals for themselves. The hostel's living room is a great place to relax and meet other hostellers. On the ground floor of the hostel stands La Loca Bar, Lounge & Restaurant, an amazing place to spend your evenings.Nearby Attractions: You can opt for a city tour with Green Lemon, visit National Memorial to the Heroes of the Heydrich Terror, St Cyril and St Methodius Cathedral and go to Redroom for amazing nightlife.
Akanksha Mishra
Mosaic House was not exactly a hostel; its kind of a posh hotel for students. With its glamorous entrance, hip music and price tags of every object you need to stay, you can say that for poor traveler like me , this is not an option. Since my trip was scheduled during Easter there was a mess up in the booking. I had booked another hostel named Art Hole hostel- which was a pretty cool youth hostel but to my utter dismay upon my arrival they informed me that they were overbooked and will need to send me to another hostel. I was in high spirits and too ebullient to fight with the manager since it was my first trip after coming to Europe, and I did not want to spoil the mood. The free beer and the paid difference did make it easier for me to accept the felony ;) The service at Mosaic house was good but you need to act smart since everything is charged, be it breakfast or linen or toothpaste or soap. I would not suggest for students to spend money at this place but if you have got enough, sure! you can try. I love the old house feel so I would have loved staying at art hole but since I only used the hostel to sleep, it was fine. The rooms were super clean and the bathroom was pretty awesome. They also had events happening daily at their pub and bar. I was always crowded with travelers mostly young students.