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Gypsy Couple
The old town square is perhaps the heart of the city and one of its most popular and historical areas. Given that it's filled with dining and drinking establishments of all shapes and sizes, it's guaranteed to have a sizeable tourist and local population irrespective of the time and day of the week. The astronomical clock is something which is covered during the day walking tour as well, but the evening does add to its charm. Though everything in the city is just a small walk away, the beautiful Charles bridge, literally so, looks enchanting during the night. Adorned with 30 statues, one of which is an effigy of the martyr St John of Nepomuk and legend has it that touching the statue will bring you good luck. A small walk across the bridge is highly recommended. 7 P.M
Sagarika Mohanty
Now as a tourist in Prague, there are some touristy experiences you can't escape and eating at the Christmas markets is one of them. Prague Ham at the Old Town square Christmas Market is a scam alright, but a delicious one. The stalls at the market display their rates for 100 grams, but when you go ask them for a portion expecting 100 grams, they chop a relatively larger chunk weighing 500 grams or more and then ask you to pay for it, because they apparently can't cut 100 grams of meat from that monstrous slab. The guys at the stall are well built and quite intimidating, so you wouldn't want to argue with them. So on our first visit to the Christmas Market, we fell for this scam and spent a fortune for that chunk of meat. They serve it with some cold bread and although the meat is grilled to perfection, it is not enough to qualify as a meal. So my advice would be to avoid Old Prague ham and save eat something way more delicious than that.
The Trunk Travellers
Come to Old Town Square - a great starting point & enjoy Palačinky for BreakfastThe Old town square is called “the heart of the heart of the heart of Europe” and it’s a great starting point. It is hard to miss its vibe with the overwhelming architecture and cobbled streets dotted with little cafes.
Ayaz Moez Ali
Once we were dropped back, we explored the vibrant old town square and the surrounding markets. Mid day, the old town is a heavily crowded destination. Cluttered with tourists are the lovely boutique shops, street performers, high-end Italian restaurants, coffee shops and the astronomical clock. As street performers entertained, the crowd got extremely excited at the sound of the clock reaching the hour mark, a vastly popular sight that should definitely be overlooked.
Khushboo Panjwani