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57 out of 588 attractions in Prague
Devika Maheshwari
Parlour- Similar to Cash Only and Hemingway, Parlour had a seating about 20 people too. But unlike those finding this bar was a little tricky. After Google maps led us to its location we had to find a flight of stairs that actually let us in to the bar. When we came face to face with the bar my mind drifted back home as you step in to see an average cozy living room with simple wooden tables and a rugged doormat. But as you march in your eyes divert to the owners of the living room who have transformed into bartenders for the night. They go around meeting and greeting everyone and serve you drinks that you don’t see embossed on any menu. As for music they chose slow jazz to fill up the silence and create the perfect setting for an intimate evening. Keeping the intimacy in mind I remember that the bar also limits reservations up to only four people, luckily that was us. Nonetheless, Parlour is a must to go for anyone who isn’t entertained by simple drinks like whiskey on the rocks, or a dirty martini and would instead enjoy a serving of vintage cocktail glasses filled with fine alcohol mixed in Japanese style.