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Pepe Lopez

Ayaz Moez Ali
In the evening, thanks to a friend's recommendation, we found that one thing that would remind us of the best there is in Prague and one of the best experiences in any of our trips in fact - a Mexican restaurant called Pepe Lopez. If I had to, I would gladly write an entire article on how delicious the food was here. But in short, all I'd say is we ended up repeating our entire food order - at least 15 dishes between seven of us.On day 3, we once again took it slow, leaving in the afternoon for lunch and followed by an extremely long stroll to the Petrin tower on the side of the Prague castle. The tower is relatively less famous but features a prominent observation deck giving an alternate overview of the city. More than the tower and the view, the climb upwards and the scenic walk back down made it a memorable experience.