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Strahov Monastery

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Complete your day with Czech Beer at one of the oldest Breweries in PragueThere are many breweries which have been brewing their local brew for centuries, yes you read me correct, centuries! One of them is the Strahov monastery brewery near the Prague castle. It serves some excellent craft beers (Beware!! Its a steep 10-15 minutes climb from the castle but their Amber lager is a sure-shot cure to all our tiredness). The atmosphere is fantastic and traditional Czech cuisines are served. (Lesson: the vegetarian options in Czech cuisine are HEAVILY dominated by Cheese).
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Travelling all the way to the Prague Castle is pointless without first visiting the Strahov Monastery located right behind it. Founded by Prince Vladislav II in 1140, this magnificent structure is located on the Petrin Hill and therefore also offers brilliant views of Praha. The monastery was once shut down by the Communist Government and opened its doors yet again in 1990. It is home to the Church of St Roch, the Church of the Assumption of Our Lady and the Strahov Library, the largest monastic library in Czech Republic. The Baroque Theological and Philosophical halls of the library are home to over a thousand valuable manuscripts and volumes. The Cabinet of Curiosities located in the lobby is an array of morbid yet mysterious remains. The Strahov Picture Gallery and Miniature Museum are also popular sights in the complex. Additionally, the most popular brewery in Prague, the Klasterni Pivovar Strahov, where monks brewed their own beer, is located right here. Exit the main courtyard of Strahov to come to the beautiful orchards and parks of Petrin and spend some time soaking in the glory of Praha. Getting There: The Strahov Library is open daily from 9am to noon and 1pm till 5pm. You’d have to shell out around 80CZK to enter. The Picture Gallery would cost you another 80CZK and it is open from 9am till noon and 12:30pm to 5pm. Tickets to the Miniature Museum come for 100CZK and it is open from 9am to 5pm. Tram no. 22 brings you to Pohorelec and from there you can walk around 300 metres to get to the monastery.
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Founded in 1140 by Prince Vladislav II, Strahov Monastery is a large, impressive building located at the back of Petrin Hill and Prague Castle. This elevated area of the city offers visitors a calm oasis, somewhere to stroll around, enjoy views over the Lesser Town (and indeed the whole of Prague), and to visit one of the city's finest churches. Strahov Monastery, and its surrounding area, has a serene, meditative quality, however its library is its most important feature, which comprises one of the oldest monastic collections in the country. The library is located in the theological and philosophical halls, and is over 800 years old. Despite ransacking by invading armies, it holds 16,000 books.