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Wenceslas Square

Abha Singh
It is a vibrant area of hotels, restaurants, bars and nightclubs.Apart from above, you can go to Ice pub , enjoy sky diving ... just explore the town...Prague is home to different Museums like sex museum , museum of special effects , Museum of Torture and Chocolate museum.Fun Tip - Do visit sex museum and they will make you sit on a love tester machine which tells you how Hot and cold you are :D
Ayaz Moez Ali
The next morning we headed to Wenceslas square, a strip in the more recently developed side of Prague that includes the National Museum. The square is the commercial hub of the city featuring high end restaurants, branded retail outlets, a few nightclubs, a local market in the centre of the strip and the starting point of our bus tour across the city. The tour in itself was moderately good, nothing out of the ordinary as we covered the stretch from Wenceslas square to the Prague castle and back to the old town square.
Sumedha Bharpilania
Wenceslas Square is a reminder of the fact that despite being deeply rooted in history, Prague is also a big city with bright lights. Brimming with all the energy in the world, Wenceslas is home to iconic hotels, international shopping brands, restaurants, nightclubs and architectural marvels. Situated in the heart of New Town, Wenceslas Square could easily be Prague’s answer to Champs Elysees in Paris and in this case, the National Museum sits right on top of the bustling boulevard. This place has witnessed history in the form of uprisings and it is now creating history with its urban magnificence. Getting there: Walking the length of Wenceslas Square up to the museum and the statue of St. Wenceslas is almost like a tradition. All three metro lines of Prague (A, B and C) intersect here and trams run through the centre. Don’t miss the perfectly golden Grand Hotel Evropa, perhaps the most beautiful building lining the square. If Bata is your favourite shoe brand, its flagship store is located right here. And yes, Bata is not an Indian brand, the founder was Czech.
Ruchika Makhija
The most vibrant square in the heart of Prague
Melissa S
Explore Wenceslas Square and Na Prikope for familiar international fashion brands