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Serenity Beach Road

shyam sampat
So this being a last day of mine in Pondicherry so i thought to head up directly to SERENITY BEACH .this place is also some what 8 km far away from the Pondicherry so we went there so to visit this beach we do require to take pass which would cost you around 350 bucks but take bath and enjoy this beach is highly recommend .
treasure traveling
Serenity beach:- We reached here around 12:30pm and it  is a good place to visit if you are a beach lover just to walk on the shore as it was deep and the sand was different from the other beaches i have been so we didn't like that much but still we played and in water for a while and had some photo session📸 and we headed to our next stop destination.
pradeep karuturi
After a delicious pizza treat we headed back to our hotel as temperatures started soaring and took rest at hostel. We went to serenity beach (10 kms away from pondicherry) in the evening for sunset and had a great time in the beach watching surfing and playing catches in water (safety taken care :) )
Amit Kumar Sharma
Next stop Serenity beach which was the way back, the main road is next to sea and you can feel beauty of it especially while riding.It was middle of the afternoon and beach was having scorching heat. The place was simple nothing fancy, few people having good time not much crowded.There comes my first set back, saw group of girls enjoying on the beach by dipping themselves. I was alone and had no one to talk to, more than that I couldn't enjoy water and risk my buddy. So I started taking pictures, glad I got few good shots. Finally couldn't hold myself folded my jeans got into the water upto knee height to get feel of it. After some time I left for Rock beach/ French colony and I must say it was beautiful.
gouri basak
Serenity Beach:Serenity beach is our next destination.beach is scenic,quiet and filled with blue water.evening time is ideal to spend there as weather is very romantic with cold breeze and big waves.