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Mehul Rangani
Atari borderOn next day we moved towards very famous place for every Indian i.e. Atari border. We reached there at about 2 pm. We stand in long queue. And place from where you can see the evening parade is also very crowded. There is no ticket to seat at this place so go as early as possible to get the seat in front row. Parade starts at about 5 pm. And it was a really a proud moment for Indians and Pakistanis from their side. You certainly start feeling very patriotic about Indian country.
It is the border gate to Pak.. The BSF do a Wagah border ceremony before sunset. A large crowd will be there to witness the event with full patriotic feeling. It's a special feel being there- Being Indian.
The most bizarre closing border ceremony ever! (But I wonder how many closing border ceremonies are around the world...).