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Touring Diaries
The next day it was raining heavily as we geared up for our next destination " Sarthal " . This Town was the main highlight of the ride. The total distance is 120 Kms and with no good patches, the road tends to get worse after Bani but it was worth the hard-time we were having at the saddle. A small town that gets covered in 10-12 ft snow in early December has limited population with amazing views and spectacular valley. The best place to stay is the Gov TRC guest house where you can either camp to get the feel of it or you can get a cozy room. The place is best to relax by bonfire, eat , drink, stargaze and all this at the cost of no mobile networks; This couldn't be better , right? (you can get signals if you stand on that famous rock and make your phone Simba of the lion ling :P).