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December - February
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Ramboda Falls

Sapna Singh
Ramboda falls is the 11th highest waterfall in Sri Lanka and access to this place is via Ramboda falls hotel. There is a steep downhill trek - which is not at all difficult to reach the fall.
Ashish G
We left for Ella via Nuwara Eliya on fifth day morning about 10 am. This route is one the most picturesque drive filled with lush green valleys and waterfalls all the way. Many people take 7 hour train journey on this route which is even more breathtaking. There are many tea gardens on the way. Pedro's tea factory is famous (we skipped) but there are many on the way and I think any would have been fine. Hanuman Temple en route on hill top, run by Chinmaya Mission Trust, had amazing views and good books on sale on Hinduism. They also had lunch buffet but we found that to be bit expensive (750/-). Ramboda waterfall view point is also notable.
The view was so compelling that it urged me to take a dip under the waterfall. But there was a problem, there was no defined path to reach the fall. Anyhow, I removed my shoes, tied them to my bag and made my way through. I did stumble in between due to the presence of algae on the rocks but somehow I reached the point of bliss. I removed my clothes and jumped into the pool, feeling the love of nature. Once done, I came back to the highway from where I started the climb for the Ramboda Waterfall and asked a local for the direction to the 'Hanuman Temple'. He said that I need to walk 2 Kilometres straight and I would reach my destination. And so I started walking....
From Kandy we settled in for a rather long drive to Nuwara Eliya (5 hrs). Just as you are about to enter Nuwara Eliya, there is a very beautiful waterfall "Ramboda falls" which also makes for a refreshing break in your journey. Once you arrive Nuwara you will soon feel like you are in England; this city has a cool climate (who am I kidding -- we actually needed two blankets to stay warm at night :D) and a picturesque landscape dotted with tea plantations & covered in mist.