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Mount Kinabalu Park Entrance

Accommodation is available inside the park near the headquarters by Sutera Sanctuary Lodges (also known as Sutera Harbour). Sutera now requires hikers to stay for 1 night at their lodge, in addition to a required stay at Laban Rata (This also includes mandatory purchase of meals). The cost to stay is much higher than at the lodgings just outside the park, The higher price that you pay is essentially for a good view of the mountain at night. If money is a concern, there are plenty of private lodgings just outside the park. At the park HQ, you can see the Laban Rata Guest House (the white dot on the mountain) in the distance. Laban Rata Guest House is the place that you will stay the next night before the summit push. If you stay with Sutera Sanctuary Lodges, they also sell dinner and breakfast coupon for the cafe. Again, the cost is on the high end.