Postcard Sunset Views at Kota Kinabalu

Photo of Postcard Sunset Views at Kota Kinabalu 1/7 by Aditi Shukla
Sunset at Bukit Padang
Photo of Postcard Sunset Views at Kota Kinabalu 2/7 by Aditi Shukla
Laban Rata Sunset View
Photo of Postcard Sunset Views at Kota Kinabalu 3/7 by Aditi Shukla
Sunset at Segama Waterfront
Photo of Postcard Sunset Views at Kota Kinabalu 4/7 by Aditi Shukla
Sunset Bar at Shangri-La
Photo of Postcard Sunset Views at Kota Kinabalu 5/7 by Aditi Shukla
Sutera Harbour sunset view
Photo of Postcard Sunset Views at Kota Kinabalu 6/7 by Aditi Shukla
Tanjung Aru Beach Sunset
Photo of Postcard Sunset Views at Kota Kinabalu 7/7 by Aditi Shukla
Kokol Hill view
1. Tanjung Aru Beach: This beach is very close to the airport and offers one of the best sunset views. Taxis and buses are ever ready to take you to this glorious beach. A favourite place of sunset strolls for the locals, this place has sure been etched in their memories. Most locals swear by this beach and have spent their childhood, first dates and family outings here. With a restaurant right there, grab some munchies, hold the hand of your loved one and head to the sunny bank for an amazing view.
Photo of Tanjung Aru Beach Jalan Mat. Salleh Kota Kinabalu Sabah Malaysia by Aditi Shukla
2. Segama Waterfront: Known for its sunsets and more, Segama Waterfront is famous for its beer, drinks and nightlife. Situated besides the Central Market at the City Centre, it is equipped with a bar, great food joints and benches for sunset-viewing. With its woody platform facing the South China Sea, this active spot sees tourists from all over gathered just before sunset and taking boat rides to get back home, this is one spot you cannot afford to miss!
Photo of Segama Waterfront by Aditi Shukla
3. Kasih Sayang Resort: Want to experience a sunset from an elevation instead of the usual beaches? Drive to Kasih Sayang Resort which is 750 m above sea level, atop the Kokol Hill. This hill is just 35 kms off KK and the road to get there is groovy and zig-zag – the drive by itself is an experience. Enjoy the sunset over snacks and drinks from your resort’s viewing platform. Hang in there just after the sunset to see the city lights of KK.
Photo of Kasih Sayang Resort by Aditi Shukla
4. Laban Rata: While scaling the peak of the tallest mountain of Malaysia, Mount Kinabalu, the trekkers halt at an accommodation mid-way to the mountain. This accommodation at Laban Rata proves to be bliss. They get to view the sunset from above the clouds, at a height of about 1,000 metres above sea level. A breathtaking view of the sunset gives the zest to scale the summit, no matter how tired the trekkers are!
Photo of Laban Rata Kinabalu Park Ranau Sabah Malaysia by Aditi Shukla
5. Bukit Padang: The sunset is even more alluring if you have made an effort to see it from a vantage point. Work your way on top of Bukit Padang. Yes, it is a hillock on Tun Fuad Stephens Park, a famous jogger’s park of KK. Jog your way up the green trail till you reach atop to get a bird’s-eye view of the city, the sunset and the extensive South China Sea. An interesting feature of this hillock is that it has a flat area of 1,000 square feet, from where pictures, videos, panoramic views can be captured.
Photo of Bukit Padang by Aditi Shukla
6. Sutera Harbor: Just 2 kms off the city of KK, lies this harbor. It is situated adjacent to the five star Sutera Harbor Resort, this is a man-made structure close to nature. It offers a beautiful sun-scene, attracts many tourists and is easily accessible by a cab or car. The port-view beach is open to all – residents of the guest resort and tourists. Being away from the city, it is relatively calm and quiet and helps you connect to nature better.
Photo of Sutera Harbour Kota Kinabalu Sabah Malaysia by Aditi Shukla
7. Sunset Bar: The Sunset Bar at Shangri-la’s Tanjung Aru Resort and Spa is one the best bars for sunset viewing and my personal favourite too! Be it a romantic evening, time off with your girlfriends or just chilling by the bar, its setting, decor, ambience and seating facing the sea (without any borders/walls) are the perfect ingredients for the most surreal experience of nature. With your feet just above the sea, sink into the cushioned seats, sip your favourite drink and just watch the sun as it sets, with the sky changing colors. Stay till the evening – that’s when you get to see the moonlight reflecting on the sea. It’s as if the sea engulfs the white light of the moon creating ripples all around it. The scene will leave you speechless!
Photo of Sunset Bar, Shangri-La by Aditi Shukla