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Damnoen Saduak Floating Market Damnoen Saduak Ratchaburi Thailand

Lets Head Out
It’s pretty amazing how you can just hire a boat and do your shopping as well. The boat ride rates are by the hour. If you do not want to be sitting in the boat all the while, you get get down at a certain point and take a tour of the place.
Gautam Modi
This was the 2nd time i was in Bangkok. Last time i didn’t went to this floating market as because i was new to this place. This time i already had a plan to visit, of my own. So i did it. It is almost 110 kms from Bangkok in Ratchaburi province. Here’s how i did it: 1) Took BTS sky train from Nana Station to Victory Monument- 8 mins. Sky train starts at 6.30 am. Then at Victory Monument ask anybody Mini Bus Station to go to Damneon Saduk Floating Market. These Mini Buses are nothing but its actually a 14-seater van. 1st bus to Floating Market is at 7 am . Every 30 mins you will get bus, it means next bus is at 7.30 am and so on. Fare: 100THB one way( 200 THB to and fro) Travel time: 2 hrs. Recommendation: Take 7/7.30 am bus, so that you will reach at 9-9.30am, its better to reach early. Look before you leap: At the ticket counter please confirm the ticket to Damneon Saduk Floating Market before you pay. 2) Most Important Tell the driver to drop you off at the market and not to any boat station where they will charge you 1000thb ( which would eventually come down to 400thb if you keep on saying no) Don’t go in these boats. 3) Returning At the time of returning you will not get Van from the floating Market. 2 options: Riding a motorcycle which would bring you to the mini bus terminal or you could walk for 30 mins. Outside the market you will find Police Kiosk- just ask him the way , he will guide you. So i would recommended you all to go of your own , seriously it will be fun.
There are numerous floating markets in Bangkok but Damnoen Saduak floating market is the main floating market, although it is largely for tourists. It is best to take a boat through the labrynth of narrow canals, filled with wooden row boats and vendors selling fruit, vegetables, flowers, spices, straw hats and snack food. The market is located around 62 miles southwest of Bangkok and it is best to visit between the hours of 7am and 9am. It is an experience worth the touristy hype.