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Anjarle Beach

tushar bhanushali
We did quick visit to Anjarle beach too. But this place is worth visiting from March to May for Turtle hatching seasonCommute: This trip was done as a road trip in my beast Maruti Suzuki SX4. We checked out on thrid day at 12pm after a last round in the sea followed by heavy breakfast. (Expenses details to follow)Stay tips: If you stay at Ladghar beach then you don't need to head anywhere else. There are water sports and family boat ride on offer. For each ride one can negotiate for 150-200 INR per person.But if you stay somewhere else then head to Karde beach which has longer stretch than the Ladghar beach and it is more popular too.Food tips: Instead of trying various other cuisines, stick with konkan style of food preparation to enjoy the food, like gawnya (kind of spongy dosa made from rice flour) and thalipeeth for breakfast, bharli wangi, masoor or black chana during meals and modak as sweet dish are just worth trying.While passing through Dapoli town, one can try raw cashew on roadside. These folks cut open the fruit to take out unprocessed and tender cashew. Worth trying.Trip cost: We booked three rooms at around 2500 INR each room (the rate fluctuates based on the season and demand).Per family, 3 days' food bill was around 2500 INR (we had all our meals in resort's restaurant)Roughly 2000 INR for food and refreshments on the way.5000 INR spent for 7 folks towards rides (tried pretty much all the ride) - so 1500 to 2000 INR per familyFuel cost was 4000 INR for 360 kms for each petrol car. There were NO tolls gates on this trip.So total expense around 12,500 INR for two nights and three days trip to Dapoli for family of 4 members.
Beautiful pristine clear water beach and ideal for those seeking for some calmness and privacy
Vivek Kumar
Facebook as it seems, is a great newspaper for most of us, as we scroll through it first thing in the morning. Same is true for me as well, and as I was scrolling through the feed, I found this tiny looking turtle on my screen, with a link to a Turtle Festival at Anjarle Beach. After a bit of research, I found that this is the time of year, when Olive Ridley Turtle hatch-lings, take their first tiny steps to the Big Blue Ocean. Sounds exciting... to me, it did.So, on the morning of 22nd Mar 2018, Manish and I, packed our bags, and got on the saddle again, to reach Anjarle Beach. The path was fairly easy, as the roads, once out of the city, were traffic free, and I already knew the way to Anjarle. We reached around 05:30 in the evening, and parked the bike. Here they have placed an enclosure of around 15x15 feet, and inside they have kept the eggs, waiting for them to hatch. There was a big crowd gathered around, to make sure that you don't even get to peep at the tiny cuties. :P. Fortunately, it was sunset hour, and clouds have weaved some beautiful patterns across the sky, making almost everyone just gaze in awe...
Anubhav Raikar
navneet jadhav
The next day we got up and had our breakfast and removed our guitar and speakers.Nice slow music ....sunlight... and beach...There would be no one on the beach literally no one.You would have a private beach feeling.The whole day we spent on the beach, chilling, exploring various parts of it,playing some games and sunset was also awesome.We then relaxed along the beach with the bornfire had food and left for pune next day early in the morning.If you want to have alone time with your friends and family with a laid back attitude  and just want to relax...away from the hustle and bustle of the city like pune and mumbai...with clean serene beach...awesome sunset...mouth watering food...and with no crowd around like other beaches, then this is one of the best option for you