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December - May
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Neha Jain
2) ADAMS PEAKI took a train from Kandy towards Ella & got down at Hatton station. Took a bus ride from Hatton & got down at NallanThanni (a beautiful village with very warm & welcomig people). We stayed at Daddy's Guest House which was hardly 200m away from the starting point of the hike. Luckily the weather here was very pleasant with 22degree celcius. We started the hike at 2am in the night & reached the peak at 5.30am;just in time to catch the sunrise. The peak is considered to be extremely sacred as it defines significance for all religions (Buddhist, Islamic, Hindu). The difficulty level of the hike is high.It mostly consists of steep stairs (approx 5000 steps), the view is however beyond words; spectacular & surreal.
Ashish G
On our hike to Mini Adam's Peak, we pretty much all took off our shirts and walked in vests, which wasn't too bad as pretty much everyone there was white tourist in even skimpier dress. It's about an hour long hike and we were able to do with young kids too so it's nothing to be discouraged about. Hike is one-third walk (or tuk-tuk 300/- one way), one-third walk, and one-third climb on stone steps and rocks. View and breeze would have been great were not for hot sunny afternoon. There is also 4 hr hike at main Adam's Peak, aka Sri Pada.
Rohan Sood
2: Scaling Adam's Peak, Sri LankaSri Lanka is famous for its expansive coasts and soothing beaches. But very few have witnessed the charm of its hills. If you ever want to test the strength of your quads, you must include Adam’s Peak in your bucket list. The temple at the top of the peak is one of the only places on the planet to be considered divine in four different religions! The 5500-step journey needs to be started at around 2 in the morning for you to be able to make it to the top in time for the sunrise. Although the steps are unevenly high, and you would be battling your urge to take a nap midway, the views from the top are one-of-a-kind.
Though we had awesome time every single day this was perhaps the most defining thing of the whole trip for me. Not just because of he 5500 odd steps we climbed that night but also for the aching legs which reminded me of them every step. The mountain is said to have a footprint which every religion attributes to someone according to their legends. The climb is attempted by many during the pilgrimage season. The route is well lit and there is no chance you will miss the steps. During the monsoon the steps can get slippery and individual attempt is not recommended. If you plan on climbing the peak get to Nalathaniya (Dalhousie) from Hatton by bus (1.5 hours) try to stay as close to the base as you can. Doubles can be find for 1000 LKR a night just be ready to negotiate. Even in the peak season we were able to get room easily without any bookings. I would not suggest staying anywhere else except Nalathaniya. Did we do them all?
After waiting in the airport for 2 and half hours, I finally boarded a local bus that will take me to the railway station. Bus No. 187 costed me 110 LKR and is the cheapest option that sat well with my backpackers budget. Once after getting to the train station, I took the first train to Hatton and then another bus to get to Adam's Peak or Sri Pada. Yes, you guessed it right! I was going to climb Adam's peak in this trip. I reached Adam's peak in the afternoon.