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Adam's Peak

Rohan Sood
2: Scaling Adam's Peak, Sri LankaSri Lanka is famous for its expansive coasts and soothing beaches. But very few have witnessed the charm of its hills. If you ever want to test the strength of your quads, you must include Adam’s Peak in your bucket list. The temple at the top of the peak is one of the only places on the planet to be considered divine in four different religions! The 5500-step journey needs to be started at around 2 in the morning for you to be able to make it to the top in time for the sunrise. Although the steps are unevenly high, and you would be battling your urge to take a nap midway, the views from the top are one-of-a-kind.
Though we had awesome time every single day this was perhaps the most defining thing of the whole trip for me. Not just because of he 5500 odd steps we climbed that night but also for the aching legs which reminded me of them every step. The mountain is said to have a footprint which every religion attributes to someone according to their legends. The climb is attempted by many during the pilgrimage season. The route is well lit and there is no chance you will miss the steps. During the monsoon the steps can get slippery and individual attempt is not recommended. If you plan on climbing the peak get to Nalathaniya (Dalhousie) from Hatton by bus (1.5 hours) try to stay as close to the base as you can. Doubles can be find for 1000 LKR a night just be ready to negotiate. Even in the peak season we were able to get room easily without any bookings. I would not suggest staying anywhere else except Nalathaniya. Did we do them all?
After waiting in the airport for 2 and half hours, I finally boarded a local bus that will take me to the railway station. Bus No. 187 costed me 110 LKR and is the cheapest option that sat well with my backpackers budget. Once after getting to the train station, I took the first train to Hatton and then another bus to get to Adam's Peak or Sri Pada. Yes, you guessed it right! I was going to climb Adam's peak in this trip. I reached Adam's peak in the afternoon.
Khyati Maloo
 Adam’s Peak: One of the pilgrimage spots, even if you do not want to visit it for religious reasons the night trek experience is worth it.
Jyoti sharma
Many people do the trek in the morning 2-3 a.m. and stay in Delhousie. My itinerary for Adam's peak was Bus to Hattoan at 7 a.m. from Nuwara Eliya for 120 LKR. Reached Hatton by 10 a.m.. Took a bus to Maskerliya for 45 LKR. It takes around 1.5 -2 hours. The view and terrain is amazing and beautiful. Take a bus to Adam's peak from Maskerliya for 40 LKR. This takes around an hour.Take the road going down in front of the police station and the path will unveil itself. The route is completely steps. 5000 odd steps (yes I counted them and lost patience at 5000). Generally it takes 2.5-3 hours to reach at the summit where there is a temple. Jan - April is the season when the temple on the top and the small shops on the way are open. As October is rainy and off season hence all the shops and the temple were closed. The steps in the end are much steeper and arduous so save your energy for the last.Must carry:Rain coat UmbrellaWater TorchFoodBe careful about your return from Adam's peak as the buses from Adam's peak are not very frequent. There are few guest houses available which you could book online in place called Delhousie in nuwara eliya district or else take the bus back. The place which I booked but could not stay was White House guest house Adamspeak road, Nallathanniya(Delhouse),Maskeliya, Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka 22070. Phone: +94522055520
I managed to hike up Adam's peak too while in Sri Lanka. So much for being on an adventure. I hiked up, stayed for a while under the freezing cold weather and finally got to see the sun rise before I make our way down and continue our travels. I stayed at Dellhouise which is just meters away from the entrance of Adam's Peak. You do not have to pay to hike up Adam's Peak.Do arrive early as there is a Temple up there where you may witness the morning prayer along with the sun rise.
Pritha Puri
The Adam's Peak is considered holy by the people of Sri Lanka, and as legends suggest, this mountain has the sacred footprints of god. This peak is the highest point in Sri Lanka and undoubtedly the most beautiful as well. To reach Adam's peak, you have to trek up for a couple of hours. All the adventure junkies head to this point in favourable weather conditions, to get the best view one could get in Sri Lanka. There are many hiking and trekking routes up the Adam's peak, and you can pick one according to your own fitness level. You will not regret this at all!Do you have any such experiences that should be on the list? Let me know by commenting below! 
Pritha Puri
Climb Adam's Peak at Ratnapura for an adventurous end to your vacation!
Muthu Venkatesh
Day 5: Tourists and local Pilgrims flock to Adams peak during post monsoon season (Jan- March). The climb to the top normally takes 2.5 to 3 hrs through the stone pitched trial and is usually done in early hours before dawn so that you can reach to the top by sunrise. Sitting amidst the crowd at the top and watching the sunrise itself is a wonderful experience apart from the adrenaline pumping climb. Once you are back at the base then its time to pack and leave to Galle.
Catarina Piedade
Sneha Rao
Little Adams peak is a small climb to the top of a awe inspiring view . I sat there for over an hour just staring into nature !
Jayant Singh
Very tough place to visit. Around 5500 stairs are there which become very difficult to climb as you go upstairs. It's a Pilgrimage spot. So, if you have good physical strength then try this place only otherwise leave it. Sunrise view is very awesome from the top of the peak.
Hike up Adam's Peak to get the amazing feeling of accomplishment as you climb up the stairs to the temple at the peak.
Riya Poojary
Evening is the perfect time to reach Hatton which is a 30.5 kms journey to Adam’s Peak (Siri Padaya Peak). It is known as Adam’s Peak as it is believed to be the place where Adam set his foot first on Earth after being evicted from heaven and also Sri Padaya Peak because the Sacred Footprint is said to be left by Lord Buddha. After relaxing for some time you can trek up the hills just around or after midnight. You can hire local guides to help you with the same. The trek takes average 3-4 hours. The sunrise over the Hill Country is the enchanting view due to which the trek will be worth. The illuminating view of sun along with the mist casting shadows on the slopes is spectacular. Travel tips - Stretch well before starting the trek. Carry warm clothes to prevent yourself from catching a cold after sweating during the trek as it will be chilly up there. This route is well lit only during the pilgrim season from December to May. If you are not visiting during this time, carry your own torch.