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Piazza del Popolo

Sumedha Bharpilania
Guarded by a giant obelisk in the centre and flanked by churches, gardens and the artist Bernini's works, the spectacular Piazza Del Popolo is supposed to be the entrance to the North of Rome. This 'square of the people' was initially used for public executions but is now frequented by young Romans looking for a good time. This place is all the more important because three streets (Via di Ripetta, Via del Corso, Via del Babuino) form a 'Tridente' by emanating from the piazza. There are cafes on the piazza that would gladly welcome you if you are looking for beverages or a light, authentic Italian dinner. Getting there: The best way to get to the Piazza del Popolo is by taking the underground metro because it is faster, cheaper and your station 'Flaminio' along the A line is directly across the street. The tickets come for about 1.5 Euros and can be bought from the several machines or ticketing counters at the station. Beware of pickpockets.
Eva Polino
From People Square (tour starting point)