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Roma Termini

Mohini Singh
Have you ever been to someplace where you thought that you travelled back in time for about 100 years? Europe is known for its ancient places which are still maintained in an old-time way.ASSISI and PERUGIA are some those places.I went for a two-day solo trip just before this pandemic took over. This was a memorable trip. Hope everything goes back to place soon 🙏.My journey started from ROME via speed train from Roma Termini station. Generally, it takes about 2 hours to reach Assisi.
Mustafa Shahid
08:20 hrs | Arrival in RomeOur train from Florence reached right on time. After deboarding we went in search for a tourist information center to purchase the Roma Pass. Roma Termini is a colossal transportation hub. It is a mall which is also a train station, metro station and a bus station. After getting the Roma Pass we headed towards our hostel which was only a 500m walk from the station. The weather in Rome was sunny and bright, in stark contrast to the cloudy grey skies we faced in Florence the day before.
Preeti Singh
We got down at the station at 4.30 p.m. and entered it. It looked like some shopping mall. Where the hell are the trains? Through a shop I could see that the trains are on the other side. We had no time to search for a proper entrance so we walked through a café and exited on the other side to reach the trains. I took out the train ticket and looked for the train number. Finding the train was not that difficult. This part of the station looked a bit like CST in Mumbai where the trains enter the station and the platforms are on both sides to board it. We found our train by 4.40 p.m. We both knew we are hungry and there was a 3-hour long journey ahead of us. We were not sure whether we would get food on the train. We realized that there was some time left so we turned back and moved frantically towards the shops when our eyes caught hold of a McDonald’s. Some known place, such relief. We reached the restaurant and I stood outside with the bags while Jerry, my husband bought two burgers and a cold drink and came out.“How much?” I asked Jerry hogging on it.“Just 4.40 euros, there is some offer I guess” he replied.“Oh, that’s good. Will you be OK with one?", I asked.“No, I think I’ll buy one more for the journey.”“Buy two; it’ll be 8 by the time we reach Naples.”He went in to buy two more burgers. The woman at the counter was taking too much time to give back the change. We couldn’t take the risk of rushing and getting to the station on time only to miss our train for a few euros. But we were persistent. Indians!! By the time she gave back the rest of the money, it was 4.55 p.m. already. We hurried towards the train again. We ran and got to our seats and as soon as we sat down, the train departed!
Priya Saxena
Next morning, I began my day quite early as I could not wait to explore the place. The first essential stop was a coffee shop as it was a bit chilly. Do try asking for a coffee in Italian, it’s fun. “Posso avere un cappuccino per favore?” Find more phrases here. The other important stop was a supermarket to buy mineral water. Supermarkets will offer you the cheapest prices for water.For me, the best way to soak in the place is to just roam around, get lost in the lanes, find out what people around you are doing, how the public transport works.
Dhiraj Hazarika
Day 1: We left Roma Termini station early by Trenitalia for Santa Maria Novella railway station in Florence. After leaving the platform, turn left and after exiting the station turn right to be st the taxi stand. We had fixed up hotel near the railway station ( Piazza Della Independenza) since we would again a take train to Venice after a few days. Also the Tuscany trip which we had booked starts from the station.A third reason for staying near the Santa Maria Novella railway station is that you can catch bus no. 12 or 13 ( and comes back)which goes to the hugely popular Pizzale Michelangelo.