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Roman Colosseum

Indi Tourists
Parampara Patil Hashmi
Ankita & Mohit
In the morning, make a beeline for the Colosseum, one of the wonders of the modern world. Look past the crowds and at the sky, where the ancient brick facade of this erstwhile amphitheater definitely evokes timelessness. It rains often in Rome, and chances are, a puddle on the ground will mirror the jagged contours of the Colosseo. Beware of persistent touts who exhort you to buy a ticket to stand in a winding queue to go inside. Do it if you must, but know that walking around the massive structure is a much more rewarding experience. Imagine the gladiators of yore lancing with their swords as you do so.
shreya shively
The first tour started only at 10.30am, and we walked to the tour company's office, which turned out to be a souvenir shop near the Colosseum. These operators were nothing like the ones we had yesterday, being rude, asking us to wait in the heat outside and in general not being helpful. When the guide finally arrived, she was a very weird woman who seemed confused and could barely speak English. She took us halfway, then realized she didn't have tickets, then got us back to the shop where we were handed the tickets, and then walked around Colosseum to try and figure out where the entry was.By this point we realized she had no clue what she was doing (she later said it was her first day), and then she told us to stand in the 2 hour line. At this point everyone erupted, as we had paid a lot of money to skip the line and get the tour. We went back to the office and got our money back (the cheats tried to convince us there was no such thing as skip the line, and we were skipping the ticket buying queue, not the entry queue). After wasting quite a lot of our morning, we walked back to the Colosseum and found a tour there.
Priya Saxena
I took a long lunch and gelato break with another solo traveler before making my way to the last but not the least fascinating attraction of my trip, the Colosseum. Since I was not sure what time I would be reaching there, I chose an open ticket using which I could enter the Colosseum any time of the day after 2 PM. Also, the queues are long, but not Vatican City tour long, so you can save your money by avoiding the tour guides who might entice you about the Skip the Line tours.