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Trevi Fountain

shreya shively
It was a long walk from wherever we had wandered off, and when we finally reached, it seemed like all the tourists of the entire city were squished into the tiny area around the fountain. We also squeezed our way through to get a few pics, and after sitting for a few minutes, squeezed our way out. We debated about whether we should toss a coin into the fountain, but decided our currency for tossing had already been used up in buying toiletries :P
Priya Saxena
No trip to Rome is complete without seeing the Trevi Fountain or Fontana di Trevi. Try your luck by throwing a wish coin in the water. Throw one coin to come back, two to find true love and three for the wedding bells!
Dianne Goh
We popped by the Trevi Fountain but there were so many people there too we didn't feel like going closer.
laxmi shukla
Following the route map of Rome we decided to head towards Trevi Fountain. In between we took some local guidance also for reaching Fontana di Trevi. Designed by Italian architect Nicola Salvi and completed by Pietro Bracci ,Fontana di Trevi is a must go for everyone. It only requires any two coins to be dropped with a regular wish from everyone...First for you to have a happy travel and the second is to come back and meet the Trevi again.Everyone religiously does that with the great wish to come back.It was the end of our day 07 with a candle light dinner in a restaurant near Spanish steps.
Sindhu Chandra
11.Fontana del Tritone- Piazza Barberin12. Spanish Steps ( 18th Century, a meeting place for Artists and Models)13. Piazza Navona (A great public to gather and relax with beautiful fountains)14.La Barcaccia ( Another great fountain with great design)Food to Grab:You hear every where Italian food, not only famous regionally but also famous world wide. In a simple way a good pizza or Pasta or Spaghetti with a delicious wine and in the end dessert makes you really superb time in Rome. Also, there are some famous dishes attracts people. Those are:Nonna Betta ( Artichokes )Cacio e Pepe ( Pasta)Da danilo (Another classic pasta)Cesare Al Casalettto ( Red Sauce )Armando Al Pantheon.Do try ice cream which made of fresh fruits.Wandering through the streets of Rome, looking at great art, and architectures, gives you an entire different experience and it is fantastic and impeccable. I strongly suggest you to go there have wonderful moments, blast of Memories in your life forever. One more secret to you guys, visit the places Especially - Vatican Church, Trevi Fountain, and Piazza Navona in day time and night time. I bet you will appreciate and have a very precious time to cherish in your entire life. Ci Vediamo Ragazzi..... A presto.......
Sumedha Bharpilania
The world might not be a wish granting factory but if legends and a million other travellers are to be believed, the Trevi Fountain definitely is. A brilliant example of the Baroque style of architecture, the mythical figures on the fountain are magnificent. The name 'Trevi' indicates the three roads that meet at the fountain which has found place in dozens of popular films. As much as I wanted to throw a coin into the water in order to ensure a second trip to Rome, the restoration work initiated by the fashion house Fendi prevented me from doing so and all that I got to see were scaffolds and glass barriers. Therefore, find out the status well in advance, the evening is the best time to visit and there is no ticket that you need to purchase. Getting there: If in case you are not living near the Tridente area which is walking distance (albeit long) from the fountain, taking the underground metro is the best idea because it is faster and cheaper. The tickets come for about 1.5 Euros and can be bought from the several machines or ticketing counters at the station. Your stop is 'Barberini' along the A Line and Trevi is about 600 metres from the metro station. Beware of pickpockets on the train.