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Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain or Fontana Di TreviThe largest Baroque fountain in the Rome and one of the most beautiful in the world, Trevi Fountain is a top draw for visitors in the Eternal City
Trevi fountain has a history of why it was constructed at that particular location and a meaning behind it, I would let you read about it later. But the fountain as such was beautiful, the carving of the sculptures, crystal clear water flowing through them and a tiny pond in front of it has given a modern vibe to this ancient marvel.
Nitish Mhatre
As mentioned earlier, this city is meant for strollers. To experience all things romantic in this city, grab your trainers and be prepared for long walks hand in hand. My wife and I started our walk from Piazza Barberina to Trevi fountain to Pantheon to Piazza novona. On our way, we ate, shopped, and repeated the same till the time we were in Rome
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Trevi Fountain
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It was a long walk from wherever we had wandered off, and when we finally reached, it seemed like all the tourists of the entire city were squished into the tiny area around the fountain. We also squeezed our way through to get a few pics, and after sitting for a few minutes, squeezed our way out. We debated about whether we should toss a coin into the fountain, but decided our currency for tossing had already been used up in buying toiletries :P