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Vatican Museums

Manavi Siddhanti
I have a problem when it comes to focussing in tours and when we went this time in July 2019, it was super crowded. Our last trip was in July 2012 and let me tell you, the crowds have tripled. Do anything you can to stay focussed, ask questions and more importantly, enjoy your time at the Vatican Museum.
Indi Tourists
Vatican City Tour
Priya Saxena
I chose an early morning, self-guided, Skip the Line tour as mornings see relatively less crowd (the crowd is never lean here) and self-guided as I wanted to explore the place at my pace. Do not forget the Skip the Line part as these tours will save plenty of time. You may take audio guides inside the museums.
This is one of the chief places of interest, which lets you see museums that is built on 16th century over five hectares of land. There are multiple highlights and you need to spend hours to just gaze at them. Ride to the location using your personalized vehicle and consider taking a guide.
Sindhu Chandra
Vatican Museum (Place of renowned classical sculptures and most important masterpieces of Renaissance art in the world) Vatican Church (holding a unique position in the Christian world: A beautiful sculptures built by Bernini, Tombs of popes, One of the largest in the worldcastle Sant'Angelo ( Castle of Holy angel ) Roman Forum (Ruins of important govt. buildings of roman era: Market place)Colosseum (Simply I say watch Gladiator).Palatine Hill ( Center most Sevel Hills of the Rome)Pantheon ( Most preserved and influential building with a so called angel holeCapitolini museums (Group of Archaeological Museums )Galleria BorgheseFontana Di Trevi (The beautiful Trevi Fountain)