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Circus Maximus

Ankita & Mohit
Not every tour guide will tell you to visit Circus Maximus but it is the perfect place to be in the early evening. Once a stadium for chariot-racing and other entertainment, it is now a long strip of greenery ensconced between the Aventine and Palatine Hills. As you walk to the ruins at the end, enjoy the breeze ruffling through your hair and the sun swathing the Palatine Hills to the left in a rich bronze glow. Sitting down on the grass and shutting your eyes to imagine yourself living in Ancient Rome wouldn't be a bad idea.Tip: Walk whenever you can, and keep your eye out for beautiful little fountains, tempiettos, and statues that aren't always on the map.
Rohith Girish
After the Vatican City, take the metro from the Ottaviano metro station to Circo Massimo metro station. First stop is the Circus Maximus. If you have the time, you can walk around the entire length of the track and visit a few monument nearby.
Eva Polino
Circus Maximus is where the ancient sport lovers would go to seek some entertainment. It was the largest and the first stadium of Ancient Rome. Since Chariot Racing was the most popular sport back then, loved by all Romans, this stadium held chariot races and entertained the Roman Crowd. It could house almost 1/4th of the Roman population. The first king of Rome, Romulus, is said to have held Chariot races here. This huge stadium today signifies the glory of Roman kings as well as the lifestyle of its people. A very significant monument to understand the public life of Rome.