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Ria Govila
Abha Singh
Colosseum:This is an oval shaped ampitheatre in mail city of Rome, also the largest ampitheatre ever built.
Dianne Goh
We hit the Colosseum first. I kept raving about the place to my husband and when we eventually got there he admitted to feeling a little disappointed. He said it was smaller than he expected it to be.
Panchami Bekal
We reached the city at about 11 AM and checked into the Best Western Hotel. Later we took a metro to reach the Colosseum. The tickets to the Colosseum cost around 28 Euros per person. The place was too crowded. It took about 30 minutes to reach inside.
The ancient ruins of Rome are again full of opposites, they tell the story of a time when democracy was born and people gathered to be heard at Forums, but also a time when people visited the Colosseum to see shows of people fighting other people and animals and dying in brutal deaths- all for fun. Being there makes you realize the past never stayed in the past, it just kept repeating itself in different forms to this day.