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Palatine Hill

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Palatine hill and the Roman Forum
shreya shively
Then we walked around and climbed to the Palatine Hill, which is a tiny hill in the Roman Forum, with a great view. It was exceptionally hot, and I was dying in my jeans, and literally felt like taking scissors and converting them to hot pants!After this, we walked back home and rested. We had gotten an email saying our suitcase was being couriered to us and would reach by 8pm. The helpline had refused to let us go to the airport as they didn't know if the luggage would be there. We waited in the room, then even waited outside the house in the street (in case we didn't hear the doorbell) for hours, but the courier never showed up. With only one day left in Rome and no response from the Etihad helpline, we went to sleep pretty grumpy.
Abha Singh
The Palatine Hill :The Palatine Hill is the centre most of the Seven Hills of Rome .It stands few mtrs above the Roman Forum
Dianne Goh
After brunch, we walked all the way to the Palatine Hill and Roman Forum. I can't remember how long the walk was, but it was very pleasant and the weather wasn't very cold. We bought tickets again since ours had expired.
laxmi shukla
The Palatine Hills was once the home of emperors and the site of temples. it is surprisingly peaceful, & a good place to escape the crowds and to be away from the city confined spaces, it has beauty, nature and probably because of its own climatic richness the royals have chosen this place to develop for the brighter future prospects. Rome has its origins on the Palatine. It is an archaeological site open to the public. In the Middle Ages various churches and convents were built on the hill, and in the Renaissance the Farnese family used part of the Palatine for their private botanical gardens. After the Renaissance, the Palatine remained largely untouched, until it was opened to the public.