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shreya shively
Thankfully the Pantheon was open this time. We had downloaded a Rick Steve's audio tour, and spent half an hour inside the temple listening to details about the dome and construction. We went back to Geoliti and ordered new flavours of Gelato.
Priya Saxena
Next on my list was the Pantheon, its giant dome and the sundial showing the best of architecture.
Dianne Goh
We walked to the Pantheon next. It's the oldest church in Rome! I thought it was very interesting that there were lots of pagan symbols and small structures in the church. Hehe.
Mansi Patil
After spending a couple of hours getting awed by all the history that lay before us, we exited the Forum and walked towards the Pantheon. It was huge but a plain structure. After that we walked to the Trevi Fountain. We were really looking forward to see it but as luck would have it, the fountain was under renovation. Well it just took two double scoop Gelatos to lift our mood and end our first day in Rome on a happy note.