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Piazza Navona

Shalbha Sarda
Rome is synonymous with pizzas and piazzas. While countless places are claiming to have the best pizzas in the city, when it comes to the quintessential piazza of the eternal city, it has to be Piazza Navona. The erstwhile athletic stadium transformed into a bustling market and then to a public square.It lies at the dead center of the typical Roman tourist trail. In the middle of the piazza sits a large fountain of four rivers from across the world–Nile, Ganges, Danube, and Plate. Just like the fountain, the piazza is the place to see people from all over the world.
Another place I visited after the Spanish steps was Piazza Navona, this was a huge boulevard with fountains spaced at equal distances and restaurants across the entire square, spent some time at the square and started my way back to the hotel and called off the day in Rome.
Indi Tourists
Piazza Navona
Abha Singh
Piazza Navona :it is the centre square in rome with many restaurants and shops. There is high possibility that you will find musicians, and other artists here to make this street lively and happy going for you.
Sumedha Bharpilania
With incredibly talented graffiti artists, gifted yet hugely unrewarded local musicians, levitating saints from an exotic land (who are invariably trying to dupe you) and art experts willing to create your personal caricatures for a small price, the Piazza Navona is like a party sans the finery and expensive attires. Three elaborate, beautiful fountains adorn Rome's most popular public square. And so do the many cafes and baroque mansions bordering the same. Go early in the evening and spend a few happy hours. Getting there: The Piazza Navona is 450 metres from the Pantheon so it is advisable you see both on the same day. You could take a bus from the Termini station or hop on to the metro. Tickets come for about 1.5 Euros and can be bought from the several machines or ticketing counters at the station. Your stop is 'Spagna' along the A Line and the Piazza is a bit of a walk, about 1.5 kilometres from the station. Watch out for the pickpockets on the train.