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Priya Saxena
I ended my Roman holiday in Trastevere, a beautiful neighborhood in Rome, famous for its nightlife and narrow cobbled streets lined with ancient houses. The nearest metro station is Piramide on line B. There are plenty of pubs around to choose from. Find a pub that fancies you and chill in the Roman style.Ciao, till I write again.
Dianne Goh
Our last day in Rome and Italy came too soon. We went to the Trastevere neighbourhood. It's a 20minute walk from the nearest metro station, but it was a nice walk.
Trastevere patiently keeps you company while you get lost. Now it will show you a charming vine-decked house. You will feel like climbing up and stay back. Then it will show you faces. One from a torn poster, another, a graffiti, looking at you with faces that rhyme with each other.
Crossing the Tiber River from the Center of Rome to the small but charming neighborhood of Trastevere feels just like going from the rich part of the city to the poor. Except, Trastevere is anything but poor. It’s very rich with life, charming tight Italian streets and houses with balconies for lovers. You can’t help but fall inlove.
Trastevere is a medieval area in Rome that is separated from the central city by the river Tiber. It have been said that Porta Portese Market is the mother load of Roman bazaars, with more than 1000 stalls. The market runs every Sunday, from soon after dawn until late lunchtime.
Ashley & Alex
Trastevere. Where would romans be without this neighborhood? Located on just the other side of the Tiber, Trastevere is “where real Romans go” or at least thats what all the guidebooks say. And to be fair a lot of Romans go here but then again so do study abroads and tourists, but there is a reason. Its a great neighborhood. Some of my favorite restaurants are located here and also my favorite place to get shots that are served in chocolate cups. Its a great area that really has what you want in Rome, great food, great nightlife and medieval streets with quaint cobblestone streets that will give you a twisted ankle if you aren’t careful.
Eva Polino
Trasvetere is the 13th administrative district of Rome situated on the west of the Tiber. This grand square is in many ways the heart of Rome. During the day you will find it filled with tourists and locals spending some quality time, while at night you will find local artists selling their artwork and natives and travelers flocking it's various pubs and bars. Trastevere is always full of life and is a perfect place to end the tour. Not only that, it's narrow alleys and open spaces are extremely photogenic.