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Mall Road

Sattanurupa Saha
The heart line of Nanital connects Mallital with Tallital and thus is busiest road of the town. During the peak season, (mostly in May and June) even the vehicles are not allowed to enter the mall road so that the trade keeps on strolling as this place is very famous amongst the tourists. This road is now named as ‘Govind Ballabh Pant Marg’. This road is flocked with hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, small game shops, jewellery shops, banks, travel agencies and street shops as well. After having a round around the mall road, we moved towards the Naini lake as I told my dad that I wish for boating in the lake. My mom first didn’t agree as she said that she does not want to go; but I managed to convince her and we all went for boating in the lake. We all wore the lifebelts and jackets for our safety and the boatman started roaring the paddles. Soon we were in the middle of the lake and from here we were able to see the whole town; the view was so beautiful and amazing that for a once I was lost and I felt like I am in heaven. It was such an awesome feeling that I can’t imagine; it was so wonderful that the clouds were moving through the mountains, trees, lakes and they were just touching us for a while. The lake is quite deep and water is clean. It just looks like a mirror as one can see their clear image.
Mitali Chakraborty
The mall road does not leave the shopaholics disappointed. Even though tourists might come from abroad or the metropolitan cities of India, they do end up getting enamoured by the products the market has to offer. All the amenities are present here with the mall road housing even big showrooms like Nike, Adidas, lee, Levi’s and many more. The Tibetan market is an ideal place for shoppers with its handicrafts, carpets and wooden handicrafts gaining international recognition. The market also provides amazing fast food and Jhol, a popular local drink made of rice water, which is a must try.