Berkley Square

I came across London’s most haunted house by chance. I was adding new visa pages into my passport at the American Embassy and decided to see what was in walking distance to check out when I was done. 50 Berkeley Square, listed on many London attraction websites, was only two blocks away so I decided to head over and see what there was to see. As I stood in front of the gorgeous exterior of the most haunted building in London, I couldn’t help but smile. First of all, I don’t believe in ghosts. (Let the comments of first-hand experiences with the ghost of your Great Aunt Margie pour in…) Second of all, looking at this building today- it is difficult to believe that it was once a notorious hot bed of creeks and shrieks in the night. While Mayfair has been an affluent London neighborhood for decades, home to five star hotels, rich politicians, and the who’s who of London- it seems this wasn’t always the case.