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63 Building

Kapil Kumar
9 Am: Han River & 63 Building:I would suggest to finish a quick breakfast at the hotel and head out to the Han river first in the morning. You can roam around the park or can enjoy a picnic with your friends. You can visit the 63 Building and enjoy the Museum or Wax Museum. You can also enjoy the top view of the city from the observatory.
We were greeted by yellow, red and green autumn leaves! What a sight to behold! We couldn’t stop admiring and busk in such beauty. We went into 63 building and bought the ticket for entry to all 4 attractions: Imax theatre, Wax museum, Aquarium and the observatory deck! The wax museum was slightly different from Madame Tussauds because it has more wax figures of prominent figures in Korea, political figures around the world, famous music composers, and even Frankenstein! The whole concept was quite different. We then went up the observatory deck to take a look at the day view that Seoul has to offer! The aquarium was filled with marine life! They even had displays for us to spot the fishes due to a “camouflaging” background. There were real pelicans too!