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Bongeunsa Temple

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Seoul Bongeunsa Buddhist temple is one of several Buddhist temples located within Seoul. Bongeunsa is also conspicuously set amongst skyscrapers and the busy, modern metropolis. Morning chanting at the temple begins each day at 4:00 am, hours before business begins across the street. is located on the side of Sudosan mountain. Walking through the Seoul Bongeunsa Buddhist temple‘s main gates, you’re greeted by four large wooden sculptures representing the Heavenly Kings. The deities guard the four cardinal directions and the Dharma. Red and green base paint is decorated with colorful and ornate painted flowers, mythical beasts and patterns. Probably the oldest structure at Seoul Bongeunsa Buddhist temple is the stone pagoda located in front of the main hall. The main hall, Daewoongjeon, is of much younger vintage, The stone staircase is engraved with dragons while inside the hall is the Sakyamuni Buddha between statues of the Bhaisagya and Amitabha. My favorite structure at Seoul Bongeunsa Buddhist temple is the Jonggak, a small belfry holding a 3.18-meter tall bronze BELL. Seoul Bongeunsa Buddhist temple plays a major role it organizes the annual Seoul Lotus Lantern Festival , which celebrates the Buddha’s birthday. The Seoul Lotus Lantern Festival typically occurs in late January to early February. Morning chanting begins at 4:00 am. The admission fee is free.