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Afni Amin
Today we decided to follow Rachael’s schedule of walking around Bukchon area. This Bukchon area is situated in the middle of Seoul but the interior designs of the entire area (including houses and shops) have been preserved the traditional way. After a late breakfast we started our walk from Angguk (where we were staying). The Bukchon Culture Centre was actually quite small and we missed it the first time we passed by it. The traditional korean designs were beautiful. I actually really loved that they used wood, I think it made it look really vintage yet classy. We managed to enter some of the shops, but sometimes we can’t really tell whether they are houses or shops. The weather was really hot and the road was steep too. Yet, we continued walking. Actually there are guest houses such as this one, in Bukchon, which are available for booking. It would be really interesting to experience staying in one, except, the prices are quite steep compared to the regular guest houses that we stay in. As we continued walking, we arrived at this massive concrete building. Its actually a high school! Apparently, a lot of tourists do come into the high school for photo taking because its situated in the middle of Bukchon too. We decided to drop by a museum in the area. It was a museum of traditional and vintage furnitures.