DMZ Tour Co.

Misty Jhones
The fact that North Korea is as well-closed to visitors makes it very popular for people to catch a glimpse of this country. This can be done with the DMZ or JSA tour. DMZ stands for a demilitarized zone and comprises 4 km of land between South and North Korea, around the border: 2 km on the south and 2 km north of North Korea to be exact. With the DMZ tour you will visit some places in this area and get more background information about the history and current situation. Although the stories are very interesting and it's good to know more about what's playing and played, I did not think the tour itself was special. It is mainly one major tourist attraction and you do not see anything at all. If you really want to find the border, book the JSA tour. You will really get in touch with North Korea. Well, you have to be there early, because this tour is often booked up to a month in advance. So you really want to do this, book it online when you know you're heading to Seoul.