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Dongdaemun Market

Mandy Cheong
Shopping at Dongdaemun, Ehwa, Hongdae, Myeongdong, Namdaemun, Itaewon, Insadong- one simply does not visit korea if he or she did not visit these places. Dongdaemun district has many wholesale fashion markets opening up to 6am in the morning and there is a club at the basement in HelloapM. Ehwa and Hongdae are where the Koreans youngsters usually hang around. There’s many buskers/artists around the area where they express their themselves. Myeongdong is a cosmetics heaven, you can find alot of big brands there. Namdaemun, Itaewon and Insadong are more of the traditional markets. And there’s alot of street food along the street! TRY ALL THEM!
Technology and design have become mantras in Seoul. One of the fruits of its tenure as World Design Capital in 2010 is the Dongdaemun Design Park and Plaza, which is taking shape to the east of the city center. Created by British Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid, this suite of slug-like buildings conjures up a futuristic city. It’s not clear what’s supposed to go in them, but they’re a very public display of Seoul’s faith in design with a capital D. But beyond such displays, there are districts where a cooler vibe evokes Tokyo and London, oases in the generic mega city.
The best shopping ever!! Okay, so this isn’t really where you’ll find purses (as I discovered the hard way–head for Itaewon), but it is the place to get clothes. And jewelry. And great snacks. And shoes, yes most definitely shoes. Okay, so if you are a clothes shopper, here is the place to go. You’re going to have your nice stores on one hand (more like Myeongdong) and then you’ll have the bargain stores. The bargain stores are the absolute best. They are filled with stall after stall of dresses, scarves, jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, coats, jewelry, hats, headbands, etc. This is technically one of the largest Korean shopping ares. It has 26 shopping malls, 30,000+ specialty stores, and boasts more than 50,000 manufacturers. This means that in the 10 blocks that make up Dongdaemun, you can find just about anything you want. You will even find silk fabrics, office supplies, toys, books stores, food, etc. So you will definitely want to save some money for your visit to this area!! Popular stores include: Doosan Tower/Doota, Migliore, APM • You can tell whether or not it’s a bargain store by looking at the product arrangement and the number of clothes. It looks like a flea market threw up clothing in the cheap stores, the others are more nicely laid out. Tips Bargain!! o I cannot emphasize this enough. Just like Itaewon, this is a bargaining locale. The really nice places no, but any of the mass/wholesale stores are really bargaining locations. If they don’t have prices on the clothes, you’re meant to bargain. o Once again, try to get them to make the first move. When they state a price, you just state what you think it’s really worth. Don’t try to cheat them, but don’t go above what you think is reasonable. If it looks like a $10 shirt and they are asking $60, don’t budge. You may pay $12, but that’s a far cry from $60. My friend and I were looking at a cute overshirt that I would expect to pay maybe $12-$15 max in the US for. The Saleswoman